In this session, we focused on your goal of acquiring 20 customers in 6 months, and discussed the current status of having two customers, thus leaving 18 more to go.

We delved into the challenges you’re facing in attracting customers and reviewed your marketing practices. It’s notable that you’ve been relying on spontaneous “posting and praying,” but now with your new engagement in a paid program, you feel incentivized to intensify your efforts.

Your customer acquisition strategy, particularly in leveraging social media and how it pertains to buyer behavior and trust, was thoroughly discussed. We identified the need for your messaging to resonate more profoundly with women over 50, focusing on trust, feeling seen, and understood, rather than just selling products. We discussed how your social media content, particularly on Facebook, reflects your activities and should include customer testimonials and stories that showcase the lifestyle benefits of your products.

Your existing customer relationships, like the longtime customers using products for their eczema, were highlighted as proofs of your brand’s trust and value.

We also talked about the importance of fine-tuning your social media strategy to more consistently speak to your core demographic. This includes storytelling, engaging posts, and educational content that connects with their specific life stage and interests, such as health and wellness. Direct interaction techniques like answering comments and messages promptly were suggested to help drive engagement and conversion.

Homework for you includes:
1. Revamping your social media strategy to incorporate a mix of promotional, educational, and conversational content aimed particularly at women over 50.
2. Consider starting weekly themes to provide coherent, focused content that addresses specific aspects of health and wellness related to your products.
3. Explore using story features or live sessions to enhance customer interaction and engagement.

Please remember to stay consistent in your messaging and genuine in your interactions to effectively convert your audience into loyal customers. Further, keep assessing what content works best in engaging your audience using insights and analytics tools provided by the social media platforms.