In this session, we discussed your recent experiences and breakthroughs in self-awareness and personal development. You shared your deep emotional connection and insights gained from a Tony Robbins event, which helped clarify your desires to help others and develop a potential online course centered around the concept of “breathe.”

We also delved into how you utilized AI tools to streamline your ideas into a coherent format for your course, highlighting the significant step forward in creating content that resonates with both the theme and your instructional material.

You expressed your excitement about refining your focus to assist single mothers, stemming from your history of overcoming adversity. This connection to your personal journey has inspired you to pursue a certification as a healing coach, although previous commitments in this area did not materialize as expected.

A substantial part of our discussion also revolved around the balancing and integration of your personal interests and professional endeavors, particularly your involvement with ‘Modere’ products, which you still value deeply. You mentioned the contemplation of how to effectively integrate these products into your self-care routine while aligning this with your broader business strategy and content sharing on your personal platforms.

You sought advice on how to effectively present and integrate these aspects without confusing your audience or diluting your message on social media. I advised on the importance of maintaining clear boundaries between product promotion and personal brand to ensure credibility and avoid audience confusion. We discussed strategies for segmenting these facets across different platforms or content streams.

Toward the end of our session, you acknowledged a shift in focus towards coaching, recognizing it as your calling, rather than pursuing a more sales-oriented approach. We brainstormed on solidifying this new direction, ensuring your social media presence, and content strategy reflect this newfound focus ensuring you attract the right clientele who resonate with your message and coaching style.

– Continue refining your online course materials using the insights and tools discussed.
– Develop a clear content strategy that separates product endorsements from your personal and professional coaching brand, utilizing different platforms or content themes as appropriate.
– Reflect on the feedback and strategies discussed to realign your social media presence towards coaching, focusing on attracting clients aligned with your values and coaching objectives.

Keep leveraging your personal experiences and insights as the foundation of your coaching practice, and use the social media strategies we discussed to enhance your visibility and engagement with potential clients.