In this session, we discussed the challenges you’re facing with lead conversions and engagement. You described how you’ve been interacting with your leads predominantly via Facebook Messenger and sharing frequent posts and stories. Notably, you touched on your approach of reconnecting with contacts who previously responded to weight loss posts, now reengaging them about their current goals for healthy living.

We delved into your customer interaction strategy that utilizes a combination of manual and automated messages, through platforms like Manychat, to maintain communication with your leads. However, you expressed frustration over a lack of response despite your efforts in messaging and follow-ups.

We also discussed your recent shift in focus from purely weight loss to promoting overall health and vitality. This included tailoring your posts to resonate more with personal health transformation stories rather than just weight loss.

In terms of potential growth strategies, I recommended considering a broader audience, including individuals within your industry, as they could benefit from your products while still providing you with genuine customer engagement, rather than mere recruitment opportunities.

Assigned homework for you includes:
1. Refining your approach to posting on social media by utilizing the new framework provided, which focuses on generating posts that deal directly with potential client problems and needs.
2. Considering conducting a free boot camp or similar event to attract and engage potential clients in a non-sales-focused environment, providing value that could translate to higher engagement and conversion.

Overall, the focus moving forward is on refining your engagement strategy to build more meaningful connections and leveraging these to improve conversion rates.