In this session, we discussed your progress in your life coaching venture. Initially lacking confidence, you received positive feedback and had piloted your coaching with beneficial results. You have also received an inquiry from her community.

We explored how to integrate your existing Herbalife connection with your coaching business, using it as an option for your clients who might need assistance with weight loss.

You are currently setting up a webpage for your Herbalife business, which is being managed by another person, and she still uses and recommends the product.

I emphasized the need for a structured approach in your coaching. I introduced the concept of understanding your unique intellectual property and how to unpack it to form a structured coaching pathway for your clients. We covered the importance of identifying a systematic method of assisting clients from their current state to their desired outcome.

For subsequent sessions, the homework is for you to reflect on all your achievements and the methods you used to overcome challenges, capturing these in a structured way that can be communicated to and understood by your clients.

The suggestion for your future work is to join the LaunchPad program to help structure your coaching offerings more effectively. This program aids in launching your business in 90 days, using the framework which helped me achieve significant milestones in my own business.

Lastly, you were encouraged to work on tailoring your message to your avatar, someone you specifically wants to serve, which makes your marketing more effective. You were also advised, based on your immediate priority, to give priority to the LaunchPad program as it provides the framework, content creation strategies, and positioning needed for your coaching business to flourish.