In this session, we focused on the current challenges you are facing in your wholesaling business efforts. You shared that you have been actively contacting agents and reviewing properties both from a buyer’s perspective and for potential investments. However, despite these efforts, securing a solid deal this month seems unlikely. We discussed the old school investor you’ve been in dialogue with, who prefers traditional financing methods, indicating a need for flexibility and persistence in your approach.

We addressed the need to enhance your daily call numbers as a critical path to achieving your goals. You acknowledged the importance of improving your time management and prioritizing tasks that directly contribute towards making deals.

We also explored the challenges of maintaining a balance between personal branding and establishing a professional business presence online. It was advised that focusing too much on social media identities might be a distraction at this stage, and honing your calling and negotiation skills would be more beneficial.

Homework for you includes making more calls daily, focusing at least on hitting the target of 10 calls a day. It’s crucial to move past the learning phase and start actively executing the learned strategies. I encouraged you to utilize your training in real scenarios to build confidence and practical skills.

Remember, consistent action and focus on the right activities will help you progress towards securing deals more effectively. Let’s check in on your calls daily to ensure you are on track and not diverting back to the comfort of training sessions. Keep your goals in sight, and let’s push for tangible results.