In this session, we discussed various aspects of your ongoing projects and ideas to increase visibility and effectiveness in your initiatives. We explored how you are utilizing your previously created content, transforming it into an evergreen course and using snippets for promotional purposes on social media platforms. We also touched upon your current focus on refining time management skills through the use of tools like Google Calendar, inspired by examples shared in our sessions.

You shared updates about your work on your ‘Think and Grow Rich’ book and the ‘Silver Life’ course, and your ongoing efforts to set up small support groups targeted at specific types of losses. We discussed your Master Grief Coach Certification Course, which is now accredited, and strategies to market this offering effectively, especially considering your new accreditation status.

We delved into pricing strategies and promotional tactics, such as using Facebook and Google Ads to reach a broader audience, and the importance of maintaining visibility through regular posts on your social platforms and community engagements. We discussed leveraging your certification’s unique position in the market to scale up your business and possibly introduce additional services like a coaching toolbox and continuous training options.

You shared insights into how personal interactions during your certification program set it apart from others and provide significant value, making it more appealing.

Homework for you includes:
1. Work on time management using the Google Calendar setup.
2. Start planning to set up the small targeted support groups.
3. Strategize ways to effectively market your grief coaching certification.

Overall, the session was replete with constructive plans regarding effective time management, leveraging personal networking for marketing, and harnessing accreditation to enhance the perceived value of your courses. Keep leveraging these insights, and continue using tools and platforms discussed to enrich your professional offerings.