In this session, we discussed the importance of systematizing business processes for the year with a focus on launching businesses for new groups like Ruby Ribbon and Code Breaker. We explored how these systems can be implemented for both experienced individuals and newcomers, ensuring they understand the mechanics of being an influencer or a product user.

Key points touched upon included the challenges of getting new influencers to understand and use the Code Breaker product, noting its complex nature compared to other products. It was identified that there’s a need to create a launch plan that educates and nurtures subscribers and influencers effectively.

We also covered the effectiveness of social media strategies in generating interest and leads for businesses. The importance of being vague in initial posts to pique interest, and specific in follow-up posts was emphasized to strategically attract genuine leads. Moreover, the concept of a three-step launch involving curiosity posts and a final reveal through a Facebook Live session was discussed as a possible way to engage and convert leads.

Homework for this session includes implementing the three-step launch plan on social media, starting with vague posts and moving towards more specific content as curiosity from the audience builds. Additionally, keeping engagement high through interactive and value-driven posts was discussed, with a plan to possibly create a 30-day challenge for followers to boost interaction and interest in the business.

Lastly, we talked about having a follow-up system in place where interactions from posts lead to personal messages and possibly setting up phone calls or virtual meetings to close on leads effectively. This includes the use of tools like Google Sheets or Evernote to track and manage the process systematically.

In summary, we covered a lot of ground in planning and systematizing outreach and engagement strategies for launching and nurturing new groups within your business sectors, emphasizing the use of social media and personal follow-ups to generate leads and convert them effectively.