In this session, we discussed the concept of attraction marketing and its application. It was highlighted that initially, you need to actively engage potential clients through posts and messages because you do not yet have a substantial influence that would naturally draw people into your inbox or motivate them to make purchases.

You expressed concerns about not understanding how to effectively communicate and engage with your audience and how your efforts weren’t yielding the expected results. You were struggling with superficial messages and experiencing a lack of meaningful interaction, which was disheartening because you aim to genuinely connect and help others. We also delved into how these issues are underpinned by a deeper need for validation and how your past experiences, including a significant accident and the need for validation from childhood, have shaped your current beliefs and behaviors.

Key Actions and Notes:
– Attraction Marketing Understanding: Attraction marketing essentially involves creating engaging content that naturally brings potential clients to you. The initial phase involves more direct engagement until you establish a strong audience base.
– Authentic Engagement: It’s vital that you become comfortable reaching out to frequent viewers of your stories or posts, even if it feels repetitive. Genuine interactions foster stronger connections.
– Importance of Consistency: Maintaining consistency in engaging in social media groups and posting authentic content is essential for growing influence and reach.
– Building Belief in Self: Building belief in your capabilities and worth is crucial. Reflect on and counteract the deep-seated beliefs that you’re not enough or that you require external validation to assess your worth or the quality of your work.
– Reflective exercises: You discussed keeping track of your engagements and reflections in a tracker to better understand your interaction patterns and areas that need improvement.

1. Improve the quality of interactions by focusing more on how you can provide value in every message or post shared.
2. Work on personal affirmations daily to reinforce self-belief and reduce self-doubt.
3. Continue engaging in social media groups consistently but ensure the interactions are genuine and reflective of your true self.

Remember, you are enough. The journey to believing that fully might be fraught with challenges, but each step you take in recognizing your worth and showing up authentically is progress.