In this session, we discussed various strategies and approaches to follow up with customers and enhance engagement in future promotions. There was a detailed discussion on various promotions, including one on probiotics and another offering a 30-day money-back guarantee with an empty bottle condition. We highlighted the importance of making the customer feel secure and confident in their investment by emphasizing the money-back guarantee.

We also covered strategies on re-engaging with lapsed customers, utilizing social media platforms like Facebook for tagging and maintaining engagement, and the importance of personal follow-ups to increase the likelihood of converting past interactions into sales.

Further, you shared concerns about some clients who have gone quiet after initial interest. We addressed how to approach these clients tactfully by checking in with them to inquire if they faced any issues with links or promotions and encouraging them to take advantage of current offers.

We identified the effective approach of employing a time-sensitive call to action, emphasizing the urgency and benefit of using a discount before it expires, to trigger action from customers who might be procrastinating.

Lastly, you committed to using voice messaging for a more personalized touch and to follow up with two clients specifically, to remind them of the promo codes and offers with an emphasis on the urgency to act to make use of these benefits.

Homework assigned includes:
– Follow up with the two clients using personalized voice messages.
– Continue engagements on social media to keep the group active and informed.
– Re-read and utilize the ‘empty bottle money-back guarantee’ strategy to reassure potentially hesitant customers.

This session outlined a proactive strategy to propel customer engagement and sales, utilizing personal interactions, timely follow-ups, and leveraging promotional offers effectively.