In this session, we discussed your current sales process and strategies for connecting with potential customers through interactive posts, online events, and personalized follow-ups. Initially, you explained how you engage potential customers by asking intriguing questions online, offering virtual fittings, and sending personalized recommendations with detailed follow-ups.

Key points we covered include:

1. **Engagement Post Strategy**: You typically start with an engaging question related to common issues, such as wearing the wrong bra size, and when women engage, you offer them a virtual fitting. This process seems initially effective in grabbing attention.

2. **Follow-Up Process**: You mentioned that you follow up with personalized suggestions and reminders, but often encounter reasons for non-purchase like financial constraints or lack of immediate necessity. You also offer alternative products or events like the Ruby Ribbon call to maintain engagement.

3. **Value Proposition and Pricing Concerns**: We discussed the critical importance of not just promoting the product but also educating potential customers about its value. Specifically, the necessity to highlight the premium quality and health benefits of the products compared to cheaper alternatives. This is crucial in justifying the higher price point and turning inquiries into purchases.

4. **Testimonials and Stories**: Incorporating testimonials and personal stories, specifically focusing on health benefits and issues like back pain relief provided by your products, can make your offerings more relatable and compelling.

5. **Video Use in Engagement**: We also talked about leveraging video content more effectively to build trust and convey authenticity. Videos are powerful tools for connection, and by showing your dedication to helping women through your products, you can enhance customer engagement.

For your next steps, consider focusing on:
– **Creating Content that Educates**: Use your posts and messages to educate your audience about the health benefits and the unique value proposition of your products.
– **Incorporating Testimonials into Sales Process**: Regularly share success stories and testimonials that highlight the practical benefits of your products.
– **Video Engagement**: Start incorporating more video content to personalize your interaction. Share your story and the difference the products have made in your life and others’.

By articulating the unique benefits of your products and personalizing your engagement efforts, you can enhance the effectiveness of your current strategies and improve conversion rates. Let’s continue to refine these approaches to align more closely with the perceived value and benefits that your products can offer.