In this session, we discussed strategies to increase sales and engagement within your team. Specifically, you are considering methods to quickly generate income by leveraging branding and promotions. You expressed concerns about certain team members who aren’t fully engaged and whose negative energies might be impacting the team’s morale.

We explored the introduction of a “Branding Upgrade Package” which includes branded photos and quotes aligned to personal branding, currently priced at a promotional rate. This addition aims to provide valuable assets that can help members in their social media strategy and increase their online presence effectively. There’s a suggestion for offering this package to your team at a discounted rate to increase uptake and energize the team.

We also discussed handling team frustrations, particularly about members not fully engaging in sales or group interactions. We highlighted the importance of connecting with people and addressing their specific needs to increase sales effectiveness.

You are considering tasks ahead, including:
1. Implementing new ideas discussed in the coaching group.
2. Promoting the branding package thoroughly.
3. Addressing team engagement issues.

To address these challenges, we plan to:
– Increase direct communications and provide clear value propositions of the new package and promotions.
– Engage low-performing team members by addressing their specific concerns and encouraging their participation in team activities.
– Explore additional motivational strategies to boost morale and productivity among the team members.

Finally, we touched on planning follow-up discussions to monitor the progress of these initiatives and make adjustments as needed. It’s crucial to keep momentum and ensure that everyone on the team feels valued and motivated.