In this session, we discussed Lynne’s recent experiences with her business and team dynamics. We focused on her achievements in maintaining her rank and recruiting new promoters, despite some facing initial reluctance. We also talked about the importance of not taking early setbacks personally, as these do not reflect on her leadership abilities.

Lynne expressed her satisfaction in managing to recruit new team members last minute, which contributed to meeting her monthly target. Her proactive steps in branding and securing digital assets were also highlighted, showing her commitment to adjusting her business strategies.

A significant part of our discussion revolved around understanding the challenges and changes within the business environment. We emphasized the importance of focusing on what she can control and staying aligned with the company’s direction, despite any negative surrounding narratives.

For homework, I encouraged Lynne to maintain her focus on recruiting and to utilize her strong manifestation capabilities to achieve her goals. Additionally, I recommended that she continue her strategic planning around potential changes in company policy and market trends.

Overall, our discussion was centered on resilience, adaptability, and maintaining a clear, focused approach towards her personal and business goals, particularly in times of challenge.