In this session, we discussed the challenges you are facing with achieving a high level of engagement and effectiveness in your marketing efforts, especially around branding and addressing the specific pain points of your target avatar. Firstly, it’s clear that your marketing hasn’t evolved as much as your growth in other areas. I advised upgrading your branding to reflect your current status as a leader. This involves uploading relevant and engaging content, like the 20 photos and quotes we discussed.

We dove deep into defining your avatar—women aged 40 to 60 experiencing a midlife crisis—highlighting their attributes and pain points such as low energy, loneliness, and weight gain. These insights should drive the way you create and present your content online. Each piece of content should speak directly to these pain points, cycling through them regularly within your social media framework to ensure your message consistently resonates with your audience.

Furthermore, I emphasized the importance of making your social media appearances authentic and reflective of the value you bring. For example, sharing success stories or educational posts, and even your own personal narrative could significantly enhance how your audience perceives the value of your business.

Regarding homework, please focus on refining your avatar description and revisit your branding strategy to ensure it aligns with where you are right now. Also, consider a content calendar that strategically addresses each of the pain points we outlined over set intervals.

Lastly, keep in mind the business aspect in all formats. Avoid generic company-promoted posts that detract from your personal brand’s uniqueness. Remember, this individuality will help differentiate you from the competition. Let’s ensure the coherence and strategic alignment of all outbound communications to solidify your brand’s identity and appeal directly to your avatar’s needs and preferences.