In this session, we discussed my realizations about boundary setting with coaching clients spurred by a spiritual experience in Japan. I highlighted a shift in my energy and emotional clarity after visiting a temple, which led mr to meditate on personal and professional boundaries. This introspection revealed the issue of clients delaying payments and the casual approach some have taken in their interactions with me.

We explored the incidents of scheduling conflicts due to time zone adjustments and their cascading effect on your emotions and professional management. This led to an extended dialog about maintaining rigorous standards with all clients and ensuring they adhere to professional boundaries and timely payments.

We talked about your tough stance during a group coaching session. You reinforced your expectations regarding professional interaction and financial commitments from your clients, emphasizing the necessity of aligning with your personal and coaching standards.

Further, we discussed potential improvements in client management and financial commitment, suggesting you might teach them about financial management due to their struggles with timely payments. This thought process connected with broader questions about your coaching operations and aspirational goals.

Homework for the next session:
1. Clarify your coaching offerings – Determine whether you want to focus on operations or if it’s a distraction from your primary coaching goals.
2. Revisit and possibly revise branding materials that do not resonate with your current professional image or the services you wish to market.

The conversation included strategic reflections on your business operations and client profile aspirations, balanced with personal anecdotes and interactions that provided depth to your coaching experiences and challenges. This session highlighted the importance of continual self-assessment and readiness to enforce professional boundaries firmly and compassionately.