In this session, we discussed your recent outreach activities for her health and lifestyle coaching business. You had successfully contacted clients and provided incentives for referrals, which include a financial reward for each referred and signed client. You also described your two coaching models – one based on health and lifestyle without a nutrition program and another you are developing on abundance coaching, integrating various life aspects.

We touched on your branding and ideal client profile. You are targeting women over 40 who are committed to investing in their health and living an abundant lifestyle. I suggested that we revisit your branding strategy to ensure it aligns with your vision and to effectively attract your target demographic.

Additionally, I mentioned a framework from a 12-week program I began recently, which could benefit you, particularly for your abundance coaching module. This framework provides step-by-step guidance on launching a coaching program, which has previously brought significant financial success. We agreed on the importance of speaking to both the pain points and desired states of potential clients to attract the right audience.

You expressed concerns about branding consistency, particularly on YouTube. You found the technical aspects of setting up visuals like banners challenging and is considering a complete overhaul of your YouTube branding to align with your evolving business focus.

Homework includes refining your ideal client avatar further and considering how to streamline your brand presence online to attract the right clients. I will send you the branding worksheet and ideal avatar sheet to assist in these tasks.

Further, I discussed the potential benefits of integrating more health-focused habits, which resonate with your abundance coaching, into your own routine. This includes dietary adjustments and regular meditation to enhance personal well-being and potentially enhance your coaching business by embodying the principles you want to teach.

Overall, we agreed that the next steps involve a deep dive into refining your branding strategy and ensuring your marketing materials suitably reflect your target client and coaching ethos.