In this session, we discussed the themes of leadership, resilience, and the importance of self-reliance in professional growth. Emphasis was placed on embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and being prepared to make difficult decisions for long-term benefits. We explored the concept that leadership can be a solitary journey, emphasizing the need for self-belief and independent decision-making.

Key Points Covered:
1. **Leadership and Resilience**: We talked about being steadfast in your leadership role, especially in trying times. This involves making tough decisions that may not be popular but are necessary for the organization’s growth and survival.
2. **Embracing Loneliness In Leadership**: We discussed how leading can sometimes feel lonely, but this solitude is often a part of making significant progress and standing firm in one’s values and decisions.
3. **Self-Reliance**: Emphasized the importance of relying on oneself rather than seeking validation from others. This included a focus on believing in your own capabilities and path, rather than deferring to others who might seem more experienced or authoritative.

Key Discussion Points:
– The necessity to lead without constantly seeking approval from others.
– Understanding that true leadership might isolate you, not as a consequence of failure, but as a necessary part of growth.
– Navigating professional relationships and politics thoughtfully, ensuring your own leadership style and values are not compromised.

**Homework Assigned**:
– Reflect on the decisions you’ve made that were challenging but necessary and how they have shaped your leadership.
– Begin to outline what independent leadership looks like for you in your current role, and identify areas where you might be leaning too heavily on the support or approval of others.

This session underlined the essence of what it means to step into a role of leadership fully, accepting all the trials that come with it, and how these challenges shape you into a more resilient leader. Your journey is your own, and this session aimed to empower you to own that path confidently.