In this session, we focused on aligning your personal development work with your business interests, particularly targeting female entrepreneurs. You expressed a keen interest in potentially focusing your message more towards entrepreneurs who could benefit from personal development as a tool to enhance their business, acknowledging that it could be a more relatable and investment-worthy angle for your audience.

We discussed the importance of having a clear vision in business and personal life and how often women don’t pursue their visions due to a lack of self-trust or self-worth, believing that their goals aren’t truly meant for them. This led to a conversation about the relevance of vision in entrepreneurship and how it ties into manifestation and personal development. The idea was suggested to primarily market towards manifestation while subtly integrating the fundamental theme of vision.

You opened up about your own practices and how a deviation from them during an illness led you to recognize the importance of routine and belief in oneself and one’s vision. We touched on how easy it is to fall out of beneficial routines and how essential it is to maintain them to support both physical and mental health.

Regarding your business approach, there was a highlight on possibly needing to tweak how to communicate your offerings to resonate more with potential clients. The importance of relaying trust in the benefits of your services was emphasized.

As a takeaway, we discussed refining your messaging to better connect with your target audience—female entrepreneurs. Consider how personal development is not just an abstract improvement but a concrete tool that can provide measurable benefits to their businesses and personal lives.

For homework, reflect on how you can reshape your message to incorporate business benefits directly linked to personal development. Also, think about maintaining and trusting in your routine and vision, as consistency in habits often leads to consistent results in every area of life.