In this coaching session, we explored the current strategies and set clear targets to close the customer gap for your goal to reach 50 active customers. We identified a shortfall of 35 active customers given your current count of 15. Strategies such as increasing customer engagement through giveaways and leveraging a referral system were discussed as methods to boost your active customer numbers. The importance of making your offers more compelling and incentivizing customer referrals was emphasized to help achieve this growth.

We also discussed marketing techniques such as regular engagement in your customer group and using social marketing strategies informed by your connection with a social marketer who is a naturopath. The idea is to create consistent value through regular online events, giveaways, and expert talks to attract and retain customers. Moreover, engaging inactive customers and refining the referral process were identified as key strategies to harness existing networks effectively.

A specific plan to reach out to your current list of customers with marketing messages about new products and incentives was suggested. The goal here is to make the purchasing process and ongoing engagement so rewarding that it naturally encourages customers to refer others.

For homework, you were assigned to ensure all marketing messages and plans are aligned with the updated subscription models and to verify any points about referral benefits by checking documentation or seeking clarification to ensure accuracy in your promotions.

In terms of branding and social media strategy, you are to develop and refine your content with a focus on customer engagement, leveraging both generic and branded content across your platforms. This will enhance your visibility and effectiveness in customer acquisition and retention. Also, creating a clear and compelling message about the value of the offerings in reference to customer needs was identified as crucial.

Overall, we aim to harness existing resources–including your contacts and social media platforms–to optimize customer engagement and grow your customer base efficiently while staying aligned with the refined marketing strategies.