In this session, we discussed the processes involved in your program, such as the benefits participants can expect, including gaining knowledge about building a business, branding, and daily business activities to generate income. We discussed how these outcomes can be used during renewals to show the commitments fulfilled.

We also delved into your concerns about connecting with past experiences and emotions, particularly relating to childhood, which seem to be impacting your ability to proceed with current assignments. We discussed techniques you might use to explore these feelings further, including recounting your experiences from different life stages and locating pivotal moments that may have contributed to your emotional numbing.

Another significant part of our discussion revolved around recognizing your intellectual property (IP) and facing difficulties in mentally accessing and owning this knowledge due to deep-seated feelings of inadequacy or impostor syndrome. You expressed concerns about charging money for knowledge, reflecting a deeper self-worth issue linked to financial success. We tried to combat these negative self-perceptions by identifying specific skills and steps, such as how you plan and execute tasks when directed.

Homework assigned includes writing down steps when carrying out tasks you are confident in and trying to connect these competencies with your ability to offer services independently of external validation.

Our dialogue emphasized the need to confront these barriers of self-perception actively, and we discussed strategies to better recognize and value your expertise, aiming to diminish feelings of being an impostor. This change aims to shift your mindset from fear and devaluation to acknowledging and embracing your capabilities and worth as a coach and businessperson.