In this session, we discussed your ongoing journey and strategies regarding wealth building and investments. You shared your consistent investment in Bitcoin, where daily contributions have accumulated significantly over two years. Notably, your primary interest aligns more with property investments and coaching rather than cryptocurrency.

We also delved into your vision of making impactful contributions by helping educate girls in Third World countries and supporting women entrepreneurs in these regions through a business startup fund. You’ve envisioned a style of philanthropy that includes accountability for these entrepreneurs, possibly incorporating some form of profit sharing to encourage adherence to business plans.

Your wealth coach has guided you to be more specific in your goals and urged you to outline your philanthropic aspirations more concretely. The discussion touched on your property investment strategy, focusing on starting small and the importance of setting limits on personal spending after achieving financial gains.

Additionally, you mentioned your intention to enter venture capitalism, specifically investing in businesses led by women, emphasizing a hands-off, generous approach to utilizing your future wealth.

1. Flesh out your specific philanthropic goals and the mechanisms to fund and support them.
2. Identify potential new avenues for property investment, focusing on practical and manageable options as entry points into the market.

This session highlighted the significance of structured financial strategies and targeted philanthropic goals aligned with personal values and long-term visions. Emphasis was laid on practical steps to real estate investment and exploring entrepreneurship support in developing countries as avenues for both personal fulfilment and broader social impact.