In this session, we discussed your current goals and strategies for expanding your team and business. You aim to bring at least one person from your team to a specific event, despite geographical challenges, as most of your team members live out of the country. Your other goals for the month include doubling your personal volume and recruiting a minimum of two promoters.

We revisited your ongoing training efforts, emphasizing the importance of your weekend sessions that focus on upper-level marketing tactics and providing your team with unique insights that aren’t available in the routine daily trainings.

You expressed that the reorganization of your chat groups and focus on prospecting through live social media interactions have brought positive results. Moving away from direct oversight by your support person has also benefitted your independence and growth, allowing you to focus on branding and marketing strategies more effectively.

Despite these successes, there are some concerns about the quality of new recruits, as they don’t entirely meet your standards but show potential due to their willingness to engage and ask meaningful questions. You have a clear vision for whom you want to recruit (“reds” who are go-getters) to sustainably increase your team’s performance and ultimately your earnings.

Regarding the structuring of your team, you aim to establish a clear leadership by associating newer or less experienced members under the leadership of more experienced ones. This strategy should help in managing your team more efficiently, allowing you to focus on those who are truly dedicated.

For your next steps, you’ve been focusing on enhancing your online presence and prospect-facing interactions. This includes a revamp of your email series and reinforcing your use of social media platforms like TikTok alongside Instagram and Facebook, where you have seen an increase in customer engagement and direct sales enhancements.

We also touched upon using your Facebook group for a master class on fat loss, designed to provide value to your customers and utilize referral codes effectively, turning customers into advocates for your brand.

Homework for you includes completing the branding form I sent previously to help elevate your online presence. This includes submitting photos and choosing quotes that align with your personal and business brand image.