In this session, we focused on effective sales strategies and your recent success in overcoming objections, which was impressive. We discussed the importance of packaging strategies and how to connect those with actual sales achievements. You’ve been considering adding value to packages by offering a book along with a coaching program.

I advised on potentially pre-selling packages to reach your financial goals, particularly by using a payment plan that could increase overall revenue. We further explored the addition of coaching services along with your consultations, which would not only improve the total package value but likely lead to better client outcomes and satisfaction.

I also recommended that you maintain a strategic approach to your website and any other marketing channels you utilize, suggesting improvements wherever necessary. It’s essential for your online platforms like Facebook and Youtube to reflect your branding and serve as a funnel for new clients.

For homework, please consider implementing the discussed strategies into your existing plans. Focus especially on integrating the book into your offers, if possible, and explore the feasibility of a payment plan. Additionally, reflect on how to leverage your website as a stronger asset in your marketing strategy.

Overall, it’s about enhancing your offering’s coherence and aligning them strategically with your business goals to optimize results and client satisfaction.