In this session, we discussed various aspects of your current business challenges and strategies. You expressed determination in overcoming personal obstacles and recommitting to your business goals. A significant part of our discussion revolved around managing time more efficiently and prioritizing your business tasks despite personal responsibilities.

Key points discussed included:
– The impact of your prior health issues on your current business performance.
– The importance of implementing a consistent work schedule and setting clear boundaries with family commitments to avoid distractions.
– Strategic planning for improving customer engagement through activities like the Tea Challenge, which aims to reconnect with existing customers and attract new ones.
– Utilizing social proof and creating engaging content on social media to build trust and attract your target audience.

**Action Steps and Homework:**
1. **Time Blocking:** Allocate specific blocks of time to focus on business activities without interruptions.
2. **Client Re-engagement:** Reach out to existing and previous clients to inform them about the upcoming Loaded Tea Challenge and other initiatives.
3. **Content Creation:** Continue to build content around success stories and client testimonials to enhance credibility and attract new prospects.
4. **Personal Messaging:** Personally message your contacts to invite them to the Tea Challenge, creating a more personalized approach than just general announcements.

During our conversation, you emphasized the need to place your business needs ahead, addressing how personal obligations often sidetrack your efforts. This is a pivotal moment for you to implement the systems and routines that can safeguard and propel your business growth.

Keep pushing forward with the planned strategies, and use the discussed tools to manage your time and commitments more effectively.