In this session, we discussed the recurring challenges with follow-ups and their roots. We explored feelings associated with asking for follow-ups, where fears such as not feeling qualified, and deeper issues like fear of success, were addressed. The conversation delved into the impact of childhood experiences on these fears, particularly the relationship with one’s father and patterns of abandonment that may have translated into adulthood.

We identified that the fear of not meeting expectations in professional relationships could mirror past personal experiences of disappointment or absence. Acknowledging these fears and understanding their origins is crucial for breaking these patterns.

We delved into self-worth and self-sabotage, discussing how past programming can drive current behavior, thus affecting professional outcomes like not following up with potential clients or networks. This ties back to a fundamental fear of success and being truly seen, which might lead to potential failure or disappointment.

Homework assigned includes:
– Reading Shamina’s book to understand foundational keys to behavior and thought patterns.
– Engaging in journaling and meditation as tools to confront and work through these deep-seated fears and programming.

It was emphasized that recognizing and working through these issues is pivotal to personal and professional success. The session concluded with a discussion on the importance of self-acceptance and self-love, and how addressing past traumas and fears could lead to significant breakthroughs not just professionally but in overall happiness and fulfillment.