In this session, we focused on visualizing and planning for your upcoming trip to Tulum using a Canva whiteboard to create a vision board. We discussed strategies to boost your motivation and invite creativity into your planning. I encouraged you to think about all the activities you look forward to and portrayed how regularly visualizing these can enhance your anticipation and enjoyment of the trip.

We discussed how you can leverage Canva as a visualization tool, where you can add photos and elements that reflect your expectations and excitement for the trip. We navigated through Canva, exploring how to use and modify templates and elements to personalize your vision board.

We also addressed the importance of detailing your experiences and plans on this board. For example, imagining the views from a swing in Tulum and adding specific images that resonate with that view can serve as a potent motivational tool.

A key point from our discussion was to maintain the vision board and update it frequently as the trip approaches. This method solidifies your plans and the reality of the trip, enriching your visual and emotional connection to the upcoming experience.

Additionally, we explored the practical use of vision boards for other areas of your life, such as career goals or other travel plans, to harness the power of visualization in achieving your objectives.

Lastly, we touched on the technical aspects of utilizing digital tools like Canva for creating vision boards, ensuring you are comfortable with the process and encouraging a habit of leveraging such tools for detailed planning and realization of your dreams. The homework for this session is to continue refining your Tulum vision board, adding more elements and details that inspire you, and to start creating other vision boards for different facets of your life to keep the creative and planning momentum going.