In this session, we discussed your successful strategies for increasing engagement on your social media platforms. Specifically, you mentioned how joining and actively participating in bereavement-related groups has attracted a new audience to your personal page. You also highlighted the strategic use of colorful background questions on Facebook to boost engagement.

You elaborated on your tactical approach, which includes responding to comments, direct messaging those who comment to foster deeper connections, and leveraging LinkedIn to connect with professionals in the grief counseling and funeral industries. Additionally, a potential networking opportunity came up with a female funeral director at an upcoming convention, which could be beneficial.

We also explored your plans for conducting a free workshop to expand your outreach. This workshop focuses on writing goodbye letters as a coping mechanism. With 12 people signed up, including 9 new contacts, this approach seems promising. We brainstormed on how to present and frame offers during your workshop to optimize engagement and conversion. Some strategies include a brief mention at the beginning of a special offer, laying out details at the end, and possibly showing testimonials to build trust and credibility.

Overall, your proactive efforts in community engagement and strategic content delivery are setting a solid foundation for your business’s growth. Continue focusing on providing valuable content and nurturing the connections you create through your interactive posts and direct engagements. These actions, along with the upcoming workshop, are anticipated to further establish your influence and expertise in the field of grief coaching.