In this session, we discussed various personal and professional topics. The conversation started with an exchange about time zone differences and scheduling complications. We then moved into a discussion about the challenges you’ve faced recently, including your illness and family commitments, which have sidetracked your professional intentions momentarily.

You shared your endeavors in expanding your support group and enrolling in university to further equip yourself as more mothers and caregivers reach out to you for support. There was also a significant discussion on the importance of not getting ‘lost’ in autism as this is not only your professional expertise but also a fundamental aspect of your personal life, given your family’s neurodiversity.

We also covered the importance of focusing and staying aligned with your business goals without getting distracted by challenges and other interests. The encouragement here was to continue building upon the traction you’ve gained in your advocacy and support groups, as evident from your successful social media engagements around autism awareness.

The conversation finalized with strategic advice, emphasizing the need to launch and finalize your offerings and recommendations for maintaining momentum in your business. This includes creating lead magnets and other content to gather email subscribers and potentially utilizing strategies like short form video content and free workshops. There was an understanding that despite fear or apprehension, advancing forward with structured plans would be beneficial.

Assigned Homework:
– Focus on finalizing and launching your offerings to the public.
– Create lead magnets to build and utilize your email list effectively.
– Stay committed and aligned with your set goals for the next 90 days without succumbing to distractions.

Noteworthy advice given was the need for focus and the importance of creating urgency in your business efforts to serve and support more people effectively, recognizing the unique position you’re in to make significant impacts within your community. Your resilience and dedication to your goals were acknowledged and encouraged throughout the conversation.