In this session, we discussed the technical issues you’ve been facing, particularly with your email systems and how this has impacted your business operations. You explained the sequence of events that led to your current predicament, including decisions made about hosting and email setup at the beginning of the year which have turned out to be costly and limiting.

You are currently facing ongoing challenges with email functionality, repeatedly needing fixes that have not resolved the problems. We talked about possible immediate solutions, including setting up a temporary email under your own domain that you still control, You also shared your proactive step of signing up for, which was recommended in a previous call. This tool could potentially consolidate various functionalities and reduce costs related to running your online platforms and client interactions.

Homework for you includes:
1. Setting up a new email service using a modestly priced provider linked to your own domain not controlled by the external service provider in question.
2. Gradually transferring and reconfiguring essential services from third parties to ones within your direct control, which could decrease ongoing operational costs and regain independence from third-party constraints.

You also shared valuable lessons learned about maintaining control over critical digital assets and more diligently vetting service extensions and providers that interact with these assets. Moving forward, the aim will be to reinforce self-reliance, and I will be here to support you through these transitions. If more questions arise or immediate support is required, please do not hesitate to reach out.