In this session, we discussed Susan’s feelings and perceptions following a challenging event. Susan shared an analogy of an orchid that only bloomed after several years, likening it to her own journey of growth and self-care. We explored how nurturing oneself can have long-term benefits, although the results might not be immediate.

Susan expressed a sense of being in a rut, or “funky town,” as she described it, and was seeking clarity on how to move forward effectively. We identified that Susan’s recent involvement in a trial had stirred up significant emotions, which she believed were impeding her progress.

We examined Susan’s experiences, feelings, and the analogy she provided of “rearranging the chairs on the Titanic,” indicating a focus on peripheral tasks rather than addressing core issues. I emphasized the importance of doing foundational work, regardless of external circumstances, and not just participating in activities that give a sense of false productivity or avoidance.

The metaphor of the orchid reappeared as a signpost for Susan’s need to persist and nurture her growth without being distracted by immediate setbacks. We clarified that while other people’s actions or major life events can be disruptive, they should not derail one from their foundational work and personal growth goals.

Overall, the session revolved around recognizing and overcoming avoidance behaviors, staying true to one’s leadership path despite external disruptions, and committing to continuous personal growth and responsibility.