In this session, we discussed your recent activities and goals in regards to accumulating points for certain rewards and qualifications. We began by clarifying the start dates and the amount of points you currently have, which are crucial for planning ahead. You discovered that you have accumulated 7 points so far and are aiming for more to qualify for an experience and possibly a trip.

We also delved into your login issues and navigated the system together to ensure you could access and understand the requirements for different rewards. It was confirmed that to earn an escape package, you would need 150 escape credits, along with various other criteria such as enrolling new social marketers and achieving director level advancements.

Our conversation pivoted to discussing strategies on how you could effectively meet these requirements. We emphasized the importance of consistency in achieving a set number of points weekly. Calculations were done to understand the weekly efforts needed to reach the target, and we looked into what ranking achievements were equivalent to certain point accruals.

We explored the potential of certain individuals in your network who could help you reach your targets, like Laura and a lady who might join the business due to her interest in your products. It’s clear you have a plan to leverage these connections without becoming overly invested in prospects that show less promise.

Furthermore, we tackled mindset and presentation issues, particularly discussing self-image and its impact on your motivation and public presence online. Practical tips were discussed to help you handle these internal challenges and continue progressing towards your goals.

Your homework for the coming weeks includes:
– Reaching out consistently to prospective clients and new social marketers.
– Calculating and strategizing weekly targets for point accrual.
– Leveraging connections effectively while maintaining focus on your primary business goals.
– Continuing personal development to overcome any self-image concerns that may impact your business activities.

Remember, consistency and focus are your greatest tools in achieving these ambitious targets.