In this session, we discussed the new additions to the client’s program, focusing particularly on branding, marketing, and sales strategy to level up in the next 12 months. We highlighted the importance of the client finishing their branding and vision homework to progress effectively. This homework is crucial as it lays the foundation for bespoke digital asset creation using personal branding elements like colors, photos, and favorite quotes.

We also detailed an upcoming task involving the creation of 20 personal photos and 20 favorite quotes, which will be used to produce branded digital assets. These assets aim to enhance online presence and alignment with professional goals.

Furthermore, we discussed the importance of defining a clear vision and mission, which will steer the branding efforts. The session underlined guiding the client through crafting an ideal customer avatar—defining the specific customer segment they want to serve by identifying pain points and aspirations.

Additionally, the client was tasked with:
1. Completing the branding and vision homework.
2. Preparing 20 personal photos and 20 favorite quotes.
3. Considering the attributes of the customer avatar, focusing on the demographic details, pain points, and other influencing factors.

By the next session, these elements should ideally be ready to integrate into a broader strategic framework that combines personal branding with targeted marketing efforts, aimed at achieving significant growth and presence enhancement within the next year.