In this session, we discussed various strategies and ideas around marketing and client engagement. Key points include a conversation about potentially adopting a strategy used in a women’s group, which resulted in high engagement levels, explored through a simple call-to-action that generated significant interest. We discussed the merits of paid groups for gaining traction and considered whether it’s beneficial to follow similar strategies. The concept of blending book offerings with coaching services was also pondered, suggesting a structured three-month program which integrates sales, marketing, and branding alongside book launches as a comprehensive package.

Additionally, we deliberated on the effectiveness of offering both books and coaching as parts of a connected strategy, aiming to enhance visibility and client results. Questions about the client’s social media strategy and engagement were raised, leading to advice on developing more in-depth content to convey authority and expertise, and the importance of consistent, compelling social media presence was stressed. Moreover, we examined the potential power of storytelling and personal branding in attracting and retaining clients.

The session touched upon the importance of setting tangible goals, leveraging visibility, and adopting a proactive approach in business strategies. The necessity of having a clear, impactful online presence using various platforms, and the psychological barriers that might affect content creation and personal branding, were also examined.

Overall, the coaching focused on refining marketing approaches, enhancing personal branding, improving client interaction, and leveraging book publications and coaching programs to establish a strong market presence. No specific homework was assigned, but the continuous improvement of marketing strategies and content creation was implied.