In this session, we discussed the internal work that is crucial for personal growth and managing self-judgment. The conversation revealed how past judgments, notably from a client’s mother, still impact how she judges herself today. Emphasis was placed on observing these judgment tendencies and not reacting harshly to oneself.

We explored the power of reparenting one’s younger self to cultivate compassion and acceptance. Techniques discussed involve speaking to oneself as one would to a child or loved one, which can help break the cycle of self-judgment and build a more positive self-dialogue.

Furthermore, during the session, practical advice was given on how to continue making personal advancements while handling external judgments, particularly from the client’s partner. Ensuring progress isn’t hindered by outside opinions was stressed, alongside the importance of showcasing personal changes through actions rather than debates.

Homework assigned includes:
1. Continue the internal work of reparenting and observing self-judge tendencies.
2. Engage in practical exercises of adjusting self-dialogue when noticing harsh self-judgments.
3. Maintain focus on personal goals and managing reactions to external criticisms, especially from close family members.

This session likely reassured the importance of self-healing, reconditioning old patterns, and the direct relationship these have with one’s external conditions and relationships. Continuing this trajectory is essential for sustained progress in personal development.