In this session, we focused on identifying areas of interest and importance such as family, personal growth, wealth creation, and health. We discussed the client’s recent branding efforts which have not been fully utilized, and an enthusiasm was noted for getting those elements together, including possible quotes for branding purposes.

We briefly touched upon health and wellness, where the client shared successes from following a wealth protocol and utilizing wellness products sourced from Australian organic products. The session also involved a discussion around business strategies, particularly highlighting the avatar sheet which hasn’t been sent yet. The importance of recognizing and addressing customer pain points was emphasized for business success.

Homework for this session involves brainstorming more about the avatar concept, specifically identifying at least five key pain points customers face, why these are significant to them, and how they can be converted into business value propositions. Further discussion points included the potential transformation and outcomes customers experience from the business which will be used in a future session to create a powerful social media framework.

Additional points covered included personal growth and confidence boosted through a new approach to personal styling and presentation, indicating a link between personal and professional development.