In this session, we discussed the current challenges and strides in your professional endeavors. We focused especially on a new team member you are about to sign up. You shared that this individual, having faced a closure at her workplace, is looking forward to a different path and has reached out to collaborate with you. You’ve initiated discussions about her income needs and career goals to ensure a tailored approach once she joins.

Moreover, we spoke about your personal coping strategies and the importance of integrating self-care into your hectic schedule, particularly when dealing with family commitments and self-doubt about your professional path. You expressed a moment of frustration and doubt about your career choice but found solace and motivation through a mentor’s training which resonated deeply with you.

Key questions discussed included understanding the financial goals and emotional readiness of your potential new team member, as well as your own strategies in managing personal and professional life balance.

No specific homework was assigned, but you indicated plans to continue engaging with your community and potential team members, particularly the new member in discussion, through online messaging and social media interactions. You also mentioned working on self-care and managing energy levels to prevent burnout.

The session underscored the importance of perseverance, tailored engagement with potential team members, and the necessity of self-care amidst business activities. Keep focusing on these areas to ensure both personal well-being and professional success.