In this session, we discussed a range of topics focusing on business strategies, future plans, and personal brand development. A significant part of our conversation revolved around implementing different levels in your business: Customer, Affiliate, and Promoter, each offering varying benefits and responsibilities.

We explored your efforts in starting a TikTok shop and venturing into Amazon affiliate marketing. You shared the challenges and your strategic plan for leveraging these platforms without overcommitting your time. You highlighted the importance of building a comprehensive email list and utilizing lead magnets to attract potential affiliates and promote your offerings effectively.

A crucial aspect you mentioned was the development and refinement of your customer avatar. You’ve seen a shift in your approach, which now attracts more engaging and professional clients. This clarity in your target audience is helping refine your marketing strategies and personal outreach.

Next steps discussed:
– Focus on content creation and planning to streamline your daily operations and enhance your online presence.
– Organize and attend the proposed workshop to tackle admin tasks and strategic planning.

– Please fill out the form I will send you, which helps me understand your needs and plan the content and external speakers for upcoming events.
– Bring your avatar details, including pain points, to the next call.
– Prepare for the monthly mastermind session starting in May. This session will provide a platform for collaborative problem-solving and strategy refinement.

Keep focusing on your goals, and let’s use these strategies to develop a solid foundation for growth in your various business streams.