In this session, we discussed various strategies for launching and promoting your business ventures. We talked about how to communicate changes or new ventures to your network without implying that you are leaving your current position, in order to maintain a residual income. Specifically, we explored how to effectively use messaging when inviting your circle to a vision board class, by emphasizing that this is part of sharing your life’s work with your clients.

We also went through the process of how to create interest and manage offers for your classes, suggesting that you can mention a special offer without revealing the price immediately. Instead, you can hint at a discount and then discuss it more at the end of the class. Additionally, we tackled the idea of “grandfathered pricing” for those who commit long-term to your services, thereby encouraging continual engagement and showcasing their transformative stories.

Regarding your podcast initiatives, we underscored the importance of keeping up with the series even if it feels non-urgent. This is vital for sustaining engagement and building your audience. We also discussed expanding your marketing strategies, including leveraging TikTok for content dissemination.

For practical assignments:
1. Consider restructuring your introduction messages for your classes to include more about your mission and the benefits of the class.
2. Plan a series of content on TikTok following the suggested guidelines to keep your audience engaged and grow your follower base.

Lastly, we touched upon ensuring the sales and orders for your published journal are tracked properly, especially concerning long-term delivery and sales acknowledgments. Keep aiming for effective engagement and using your ventures to foster meaningful connections and transformations.