In this session, we discussed the utilization of AI tools to enhance your one-on-one coaching sessions. We’ve moved away from traditional note-taking to using an AI tool that automatically transcribes and summarizes meetings, aiming to streamline the process. However, there’s a challenge with integrating the AI tool with Zoom for seamless upload and transcription.

We also touched on your upcoming mastermind call, intended to be a collaborative session where you can address pressing business or life issues in a “hot seat” format. This session would also include strategic planning for social media content over a month.

Regarding your AI social media tool, “my AI Yup,” it was noted how it personalizes content generation by learning about users during onboarding, shaping the content to reflect their personal style. This tool, which integrates elements like emojis and writing styles, helps with content creation and community interaction.

Furthermore, you’re exploring solutions to keep track of potential clients on the fence and considering leveraging testimonials more effectively. The idea of using short-form videos to address objections before they arise in discussions with potential clients was proposed.

Future plans include possibly using the women’s entrepreneur group for lead generation by posting about your service’s affordability and efficiency.

Overall, the future steps involve improving integration of AI tools, leveraging community spaces for marketing, and anticipating client objections to enhance interaction and conversion.