In this session, we discussed your current challenges and future aspirations, particularly your focus on balancing personal responsibilities with the growth of your business. You shared your involvement in various activities, like speaking engagements and podcast appearances, and your efforts in establishing an online presence through social platforms and your website, “The HR Happy Place.”

We talked about your need for a clear game plan to propel your business. I suggested transitioning you to a specialized course designed to help launch and scale coaching businesses. This 12-week program aims to provide you with a structured framework, consisting of weekly tactical strategies and homework, to guide you through launching your business effectively.

Additionally, we discussed the importance of merging strategy with creativity and self-care, highlighting the need to step back occasionally to recharge and inspire innovation. We explored the concept of embracing both your “doing mode” and your “being mode” to balance practical business actions with creative thinking and personal well-being.

Furthermore, we touched on your ongoing personal struggles, particularly the situation with your son’s estate, which has been a significant source of stress and distraction. We talked about the importance of managing your mindset through such challenges, focusing on the necessity of self-care and maintaining a positive outlook to facilitate personal and professional growth.

Looking forward, I encouraged you to engage fully with the new program starting in March, where you’ll learn to implement effective strategies, focus on your personal growth, and ultimately reach your business goals. We’ll continue to support you through this process, ensuring that you have the resources needed to succeed in both your personal and professional endeavors.