In this session, we discussed your upcoming activities and the practical steps you’ve taken in preparing materials and structuring your workshops. You shared your plans for the jazz festival and your recent efforts in developing a lead magnet and a landing page for your workshop on writing a goodbye letter. You have organized two sessions for this workshop, with the second session designed as a follow-up for participant questions and sharing.

We also covered the technical aspects of distributing your lead magnet via a G Drive in the Facebook group, emphasizing the naming format to ensure clarity.

Your new guide on coping with grief was a topic of discussion, where you explained its contents, which aim to provide practical coping strategies and offer support through links to further resources and discovery calls.

A significant part of our conversation focused on strategizing the exclusive offers for your workshop participants, identifying an opportunity possibly to promote your support groups or main coaching programs at a discounted rate to incentivize immediate sign-ups.

Furthermore, you sought advice on improving engagement via Facebook, questioning whether to use ‘reels’ or standard video posts; I affirmed that ‘reels’ are preferable for their reach and alignment with current platform algorithms.

In terms of managing client information and tracking, the limitations of integrating CRM systems like HubSpot with personal Facebook messenger were discussed, and alternative strategies were considered.

Lastly, we touched on your personal development, your evolving confidence in speaking engagements, and the importance of asking potential clients about the consequences of not addressing their issues, offering a strategic way to lead them towards committing to meaningful change.

For your homework, continue refining and testing different offers to include in your workshop that could lead to higher conversion rates for your paid programs. Additionally, keep improving your content engagement strategies on social media to boost your visibility and following. Reflect on the provided advice concerning client interactions and CRM usage, potentially exploring alternative tools that could streamline your processes without violating privacy standards.