In this session, we continued our discussion about our journeys and experiences, specifically focusing on the challenges of living with ADHD and the pressure to perform perfectly. We discussed the feeling of needing to have everything perfectly aligned, the struggle with attention to minor details, and the feelings of never being enough. This often leads to procrastination and the fear of making mistakes, which hinders the ability to start or complete tasks.

We also talked about embracing imperfections in our work and personal presentation, particularly the acceptance of making spelling mistakes while writing. This has helped to alleviate some of the pressure of needing to be perfect and allowed for more freedom in expressing thoughts without the fear of judgment.

Furthermore, we explored the power of showing up authentically and the impact it can have on others, as demonstrated by stories shared from personal experiences. Emphasizing the importance of reflecting true self in our interactions can inspire others in unexpected ways.

Moreover, we delved into the importance of gratitude, especially during difficult times, and how it can change one’s perspective and emotional state. We discussed using this approach to manage reactions to challenging situations and the effectiveness of implementing small, manageable chunks of positive habits throughout the day.

Lastly, we discussed the quantum field and the concept of aligning with one’s desires to manifest goals, emphasizing the importance of focusing on desired outcomes and maintaining a positive expectation.

For your homework, please focus on embracing imperfections in your outputs, practicing gratitude daily, and spend some time each day visualizing your desired outcomes as already achieved, to align with the quantum field principles we discussed. Continue to reflect on your personal experiences and how they align with your personal and professional growth.

Our next steps will involve deepening understanding of these concepts and how they can be practically applied to further personal development and professional success.