In this session, we discussed your recent business and personal developments, including your success in video production which you felt proud of, complementing the butterfly effect theme. We spoke about the challenges with your job, notably the changes in retirement benefits and your subsequent feelings of guilt and frustration. Also, you shared your fears about success and the implications it might have on your job security, which seems to serve as a safety net for you.

Moreover, we delved into the potential of exploring online opportunities for your husband, considering a shift that could provide a different source of income and possibly reduce stress from his current job situation. I encouraged you to explore platforms like Upwork to discover the plethora of options available, emphasizing how this can help shift from a physical business model to a digital one. This transition could significantly benefit your family financially and provide more freedom and flexibility.

We also touched on your adventures with the manifesting journal and your participation in the mini-course module, which helps you in envisioning and achieving bigger goals. Your engagement with different prompts such as imagining your “$1 million outfit” is steering you to think big and break the limitations possibly set by yourself or your circumstances.

Homework for you includes exploring Upwork to understand the scope of potential gigs and jobs that align with you and your husband’s skills. This exploration might open avenues that can alleviate some stress and financial pressure from your current jobs. Keep nurturing your ability to dream bigger and visualize a richer, more fulfilling career path that aligns with both your passion and skills.

We concluded by acknowledging the need for a cautious approach towards unethical practices in business, staying true to your values, and laying a foundational path that aligns with integrity and respect—both for your work and for those you interact with. Your job situation, while complex, also presents an opportunity to pivot towards something that brings you more joy and possibly more financial freedom.