In this session, we discussed several key personal issues and strategies for personal development and growth. The conversation initially focused on Janet’s feelings of being called out by her husband for certain behaviors and her own internal struggles, including her feelings about manipulating situations to get her way. We delved into the origins of these behaviors, discussing their ties to past experiences and the impact of upbringing.

A significant portion of the session was dedicated to discussing personal growth strategies. We talked about the power of journaling and reflection to overcome past behaviors and focus on future goals. Janet shared her concerns about her shopping habits and we explored the psychological trick of placing items in an Amazon cart without purchasing them to manage impulse buying.

A notable aspect of our conversation was the introduction of a personal development book which Janet will read as part of her homework. This book outlines steps to financial success, starting from very small incremental goals. I emphasized the importance of focusing on small, manageable victories, encouraging Janet to journal daily to keep track of her progress and feelings.

Homework for Janet includes:
1. Read the assigned book and begin implementing the strategies discussed.
2. Regularly journal her thoughts, feelings, and progress.
3. Continue practicing mindful spending and reflect on her experiences and triggers related to shopping.

We also discussed the broader implications of personal beliefs and spirituality in the context of personal growth, touching on the interplay between cultural upbringing and individual spiritual beliefs. Overall, the session was rich with introspection and planning for practical steps towards personal growth and financial independence.