In this session, we discussed the challenges you’ve faced recently, including the theft and damage of your car and the emotional struggles your daughter has been dealing with after her breakup. It’s clear these events have been incredibly stressful, affecting both your personal well-being and work focus. Nevertheless, you’ve demonstrated resilience by continuing to manage your professional responsibilities effectively despite these personal adversities.

We also talked about your desire to shift focus over the next 90 days towards maintaining peace and stability. You expressed a preference for conducting your business in a calm and collected manner which aligns well with your overall objective to keep a steady pace without unnecessary stress.

Our conversation then turned to strategic planning for your business, particularly in leveraging your existing network for potential growth. We brainstormed the idea of the “High Achieving Women Series,” a project where you interview successful women. This platform could serve as a valuable content series that not only elevates your profile but also provides you with a unique angle to engage with and expand your audience.

Homework for you includes:
1. Planning and initiating the interview series, starting by reaching out to potential guests.
2. Creating an environment conducive to your calm working style by setting specific work hours or fine-tuning your workspace.
3. Maximizing networking opportunities by offering value (like your collagen products) in exchange for connections or promotion at events.

We also highlighted the importance of your branding, discussing how you could use high-quality personal branding photos to capture and convey your professional image. Leveraging these images across your platforms will boost your visibility and attract the right clientele.

Overall, the next steps involve actively engaging with your network through the planned interview series and strategically increasing your visibility both online and in-person. This approach should not only help in growing your business but also in maintaining the peaceful and productive atmosphere you aim to cultivate.