In this session, we discussed various holistic and health approaches you are implementing, including a gut health reset, cutting out coffee, and incorporating whole foods and bone broth into your mornings. You mentioned starting to use a sauna blanket to ensure its utility before possibly investing in a larger sauna setup.

We also touched on the benefits and availability of health foods and juices at local supermarkets, highlighting how these options have improved. You’ve been focusing significantly on improving sleep with magnesium-rich and collagen products from The Collision Code.

Additionally, we covered the training schedule that you are putting together for your team, aiming to pick the most beneficial topics. You also shared your plans to involve your team in upcoming corporate events, and your intention to conduct more one-on-one client consultations to deepen your relationships and possibly introduce them to new skincare options.

For your health and wellness journey, you’re seeking to incorporate more holistic health products like ginger, lemon, and collagen shots, leveraging supermarket availability to stock up cost-effectively.

Despite the considerable discussion about health, your significant progress in investment properties has also been highlighted, with a strategy to use a buyer’s advocate and property management to streamline processes.

Final advice was to visualize and connect with the feeling of achieving your financial goals, emulating behaviors from high-profile investors to fast-track your journey towards a high net worth.

Homework for the next session includes completing the avatar setup that was discussed and looking into intentional learning strategies to enhance your engagement with educational material like podcasts or books, ensuring a more active learning process.