In this session, we discussed several key areas to advance the sales and strategic marketing efforts for you:

1. **Sales Performance Review**: You provided updates on your personal and group sales volumes. You aimed for higher sales to achieve specific bonuses and targets.

2. **Goal Setting**: We calculated the monthly and daily sales rate (run rate) you need to achieve your goals. This includes a detailed discussion on your planned effort to reach your sales targets by pushing for higher monthly group volumes.

3. **Marketing Strategy**: You are focusing on promoting children’s products this month with double points on sales. We brainstormed ideas for a sales campaign targeting moms, utilizing successful before-and-after transformations and testimonials.

4. **Creative Promotions**: We discussed creating a promotional offer that includes a prize draw for customers who purchase children’s products. Suggestions included partnering with other brands or consultants to offer attractive packages (like children’s books or toys) which could enhance the appeal of your sales package.

5. **Tactical Approach**: The session included practical strategies to reach out to various customer segments:
– **Existing customers** for upselling
– **Potential new customers** through targeted social media campaigns and referrals
– **Lapsed customers** to re-engage with new offers

6. **Operational Execution**: Detailed discussion on the daily run rate and operational tactics to ensure daily sales align with the monthly target. This included the calculation on how many units need to be sold and steps to maintain the momentum throughout the month.

7. **Community and Collaboration**: Encouraged you to collaborate with other businesses to create a more compelling offer and expand your network. This approach not only opens up new business opportunities but also establishes potential long-term partnerships.

8. **Content and Engagement Strategy**: Explored creative content ideas to engage the audience more effectively, including utilizing social media and creating theme-based promotions like Minecraft or Fortnite to attract the targeted demographic.

9. **Client Engagement and Retention**: Throughout the session, the personal touch was emphasized, making sure you connect deeply with each prospect or customer, addressing their needs, answering their concerns, and providing substantial value through your products.

Assigned Homework:
– Implement the promotional campaigns discussed, focusing on the children’s line.
– Reach out to potential partners for collaborative promotions.
– Continue to track daily sales and run rates to ensure monthly targets are being met.