In this session, we discussed strategies to improve engagement on social media posts, particularly focusing on the wording of the posts and engaging with comments effectively. We reviewed a specific example where one of your posts did not perform as expected, leading us to explore the reasons behind this and strategies for future content.

You mentioned that an earlier post asking about consistency in social media had good engagement, which was an encouraging sign. We examined another post by a peer which received high interaction, aiming to understand what made it successful. The successful post was about work from home opportunities, and we discussed how to craft a message with similar appeal while fitting your specific context and offerings.

We recommended focusing on creating engaging content, potentially using AI tools to assist with writing in your own voice. This could help address the problem of not having the time to create engaging content consistently. We noted the importance of both making your business tools available and also the marketing around them.

Homework for you includes crafting a new post with an improved call to action, possibly integrating it into a story for deeper engagement. Keep track of responses to this post and be ready to adapt based on the feedback you receive. Further, continue to increase your visibility in groups by providing valuable content and engaging actively.

By the end of the session, you felt more confident about creating engaging content that speaks to your audience while being true to your brand voice.