In this session, we discussed strategies to get back on track with your business and increase engagement with your clients. You expressed feeling lost about where to start after a less active April, and we focused on actionable steps to help reignite your momentum.

Key Points Discussed:
– **Reconnecting with Clients**: We emphasized the importance of reaching out to clients who ordered from you recently. You were assigned to send thank you notes to these clients using a Canva template.

– **Social Media Engagement**: You were instructed to revisit comments on your Facebook posts up to a week ago and engage with anyone you haven’t responded to yet. This includes making a connection with followers who “liked” or commented, by thanking them or starting a conversational thread.

– **Daily Planning and Time Management**: You considered planning your tasks a couple of days in advance and time-blocking your schedule to ensure all essential tasks are completed. This approach allows for flexibility based on daily requirements.

– **Sales Promotions and Opportunities**: We discussed the potential of setting up sales promotions, particularly using the new eyeshadow shades and pairing them with other products to attract more purchases. The idea of setting up a raffle for customers who spend a certain amount was also suggested to boost sales.

– **Leads Tracker Use**: Encouraged you to utilize the leads tracker consistently to maintain and build your customer base. You were advised to work towards sending an optimal number of messages (80-100) to avoid potential blocks while maximizing outreach.

Assigned Homework:
1. Create and send the Canva thank you notes to recent clients.
2. Engage with people on your Facebook page to spark interaction and maintain visibility.
3. Continue to utilize the leads tracker to monitor and follow up with leads effectively.
4. Plan the implementation of a new sales promotion and consider setting up a raffle to increase customer engagement.

We also discussed creating a more personalized plan for your social media posts in the next session. The playful concept of managing your less productive, ‘sassy’ side was also explored, adding some creative self-management strategies to your routine.

The session was packed with actionable advice aimed at enhancing both your engagement strategies and daily management of your business tasks to help achieve your goals as a million-dollar business owner.