In this session, we discussed a range of strategies to enhance your coaching business and mindset. We delved into the importance of visualization and aligning with your future self by embodying the emotions and lifestyle of that future state. You shared your experiences with meditation exercises that help you visualize success scenarios such as speaking engagements and lifestyle achievements.

We also touched on how these practices helped you gain clarity and attract more followers, which is essential for expanding your reach and influence. The conversation highlighted the necessity of acting as if your dreams are already realized to avoid the excitement that can lead to energy dips.

Notable advice included the importance of maintaining high energy and frequency to attract desired outcomes and experiences. Specifically, paying attention to your emotional states throughout the day and managing any dips that occur. This is crucial as your energy level directly influences your ability to manifest your goals.

Furthermore, we explored social media strategies, focusing on producing content that reflects the problems and aspirations of your target audience. This involves understanding the different stages of your marketing funnel—top (problem awareness), middle (solution and education), and bottom (decision-making)—and crafting messages that resonate at each stage.

Towards the end of our session, we discussed strategies for increasing client engagement, such as introducing low-ticket offers to draw people into your services and possibly expanding your content outreach to platforms like to enhance your visibility and credibility in the field of grief coaching and personal growth.

Your assignment for the next session includes monitoring your energy levels and identifying patterns that cause fluctuations, as well as continuing to engage your social media audience with targeted content that speaks directly to their needs and aspirations. Additionally, you were encouraged to explore writing on as a means to share your insights and attract a broader audience.

Good luck with your continued efforts to grow both personally and professionally. I look forward to our next session where we can delve deeper into your progress and adjust strategies as necessary.