In this session, we discussed various aspects including your recent activities involving Ola and your community links, the email and landing page content, and the pricing strategy for your ebook. You shared satisfaction in completing these tasks and mentioned you delegated the technical parts to others, focusing on what you do best.

We also touched on the evolution of your business name from ‘Legacy Academy’ to ‘Empower Her’, highlighting the shift from a focus on legacy to empowering women, which mirrored changes in your mission statement. You have settled on your naming conventions, which you noted took a long time to finalize.

On a technical note, you discussed the importance and strategy of email marketing, specifically through Cisco I/O, and the necessity of branding consistency across various platforms. You have already selected photos for your branding, chosen colors, and are matching quotes to your branding. A suggestion was made to use personal, relatable photos rather than professional shots to make your content more engaging.

Regarding email marketing, you mentioned setting up automated email sequences in the system I/O for lead generation and client engagement. The discussion also covered the benefits of segmenting your email list based on engagement levels to tailor content and reengagement efforts more effectively.

Finally, you expressed an ideation stage for using storytelling in your posts to emotionally engage your audience by sharing personal anecdotes and using compelling visuals that reflect your narrative and personal growth in understanding complex systems like email marketing, branding, and content planning.

In summary, our session focused on refining your digital marketing strategies, improving brand consistency, and exploring effective storytelling to enhance audience engagement. Keep leveraging your strengths in these areas to drive your business forward.